12 to 3 Apartment

After entering the apartment, we get in front of the central element of the house, namely the wooden “cube”. It leads you to the left, to the kitchen, or to the right, to the living room. The chromatics are mostly composed of white and light gray, meant to support the “soloist” colors – turquoise and greenish yellow – used as accents in certain areas of interest. 12 to 3 – comes from the need of the modern individual to reduce the limits and to live in a space as open as possible. The title results from the number of interior doors in the apartment at the time of the first visit and the number we reached after reconfiguring it. The wood covering the floor and the central volume give the apartment a feeling of warmth. So, we created a design with a lot of storage space, using natural, warm and friendly materials, which age nicely.

Project name: 12 to 3 Apartment
Project type: Residential
Location: Bucharest
Year: 2018
Alexandru Mihai Popescu, arhitect - PMAA
Monica Alina Păduraru, artist - Chambres d'Or
Photo:Monica Alina Păduraru