Aria TNB

We were very pleased to be offered the chance to design the restaurant placed above the National Theater in Bucharest.

Located right in the heart of the city, at ‘km 0’, Aria TNB has a very generous terrace overlooking some of the most emblematic buildings in the city. One of the main design elements we used are the wooden strips which covere the ceiling and part of the walls, insinuating the thickness of a forest and the rhythm created by the trees.

We used soft velvet fabrics for the upholstered furniture that gives a feeling of comfort throughout the space. The chromatic is one that refers to nature – a translucent turquoise, like the sea, where green and blue combine to create a stunning color – blue-green phthalo and a saturated, yet calm yellow, like a golden sunset.

The atmosphere is complemented by diffused lighting, lots of plants and painted walls.

Project name: Aria TNB
Project type: HoReCa
Location: Bucharest
Year: 2018
Alexandru Mihai Popescu, arhitect - PMAA
Monica Alina Păduraru, artist - Chambres d'Or
Tudor Iacob, arhitect - Colaj Arhitectura&Design
Bogdan Gheorghiu, arhitect - AFORM
Photo:Loredana Enache