Artist’s House with sea view

The time we spend away from home is a break for regaining our energy. Thus, our proposal is one with a contemporary spirit and which emphasizes the individualization of the space. The color scheme follows the function of each room, having a specific code for each one. On a neutral chromatic background that reminds you of nature and the colors of the beach and the sea (natural wood, pastel green) we added color accents from shades of yellow to bright red. The bedroom is neutral and induces you the need to relax, the living room reflects the image of the sea and the kitchen is full of energy through the strong contrast. The murals are made in the key corners of the apartment and conceptually unify the entire space. All this makes the apartment an ideal accommodation offering both a high degree of comfort and a memorable and visually appealing atmosphere.

Project name: Artist’s House with sea view
Project type: AIRBNB accomodation
Location: Constanța
Year: 2022
Monica Păduraru, artist – Chambres d’Or
Adina Anghel, architect - PMAA
Loredana Enache, architect - PMAA
Photo:Loredana Enache, architect - PMAA