Blitz Apartment

This arrangement defines one of the services we offer, namely Blitz designs. Blitz (fast) designs are those that happen in a very short time and with a very small budget. Basically, we try to get the most out of the space to be arranged, with the resources we have at our disposal.
This is an apartment in Constanța County, which was purchased to be rented and the design is a comfortable and versatile one creting a welcoming space for any tourist.

Project name: Blitz Apartment
Project type: accommodation
Location: Constanța County
Year: 2017
Alexandru Mihai Popescu, arhitect - PMAA
Monica Păduraru, artist - Chambres d’Or
Ana Chiorean, artist - Chambres d’Or
Alexandru Bajenaru, architect – fost membru PMAA
Photo:Monica Alina Păduraru