The C [~ Si:] site is located in one of the former halls of the Pipera Computer Factory. Considering the configuration of the hall and the design theme of the client, we pursued an industrial aesthetic in order to respond to the architectural vocabulary of the space and the area. Nature was regaining it’s space when we first visited the disaffected hall. The concept was based on this image of an industrial site invaded by vegetation. The place is divided into two major areas, the bar area and an open space, which can work independently in case of renting it. The glazed area of the hall is oriented towards the terrace to ensure easy outside access and to the food tent area located there, during the summer. The bar, central, transparent, filters the image of the courtyard in the access area. The design and execution was carried out within three months with the help and dedication of a team of passionate people from different fields.

Project name: C [~Si:] Lounge
Project type: HoReCa
Location: Bucharest
Year: 2018
Alexandru Mihai Popescu, architect - PMAA
Monica Păduraru, artist - Chambres d'Or
Bogdan Veb, architect, AFORM
Cristina Caragheorgheopol, architect - Colaj
Constantin Hyp, graphic designer - Round Birds
Photo:Laurian Ghinițoiu