The S’aint

The place is located on the ground floor of a heritage building, with Art Deco influences, on Calea Victoriei, recently restored. We started by analyzing the existing building, identifying the design elements on the facade, and then using the same stylistic principles in our design, in a reinterpreted formula, adapting it to the new trends.
The concept was even clearer after we found out the future name of the place. The presence of the apostrophe in the word “S’aint” generates a savoury irony that we used when we created the contrast between the diaphane design of the space and the activity that is going to be carried out in it.
We thought of it as a transformation of a sacred space into a profane one, as a conversion of a place of worship into a bar.
On a pale chromatic base, we played with textures created by the wall cladding or the backbar’s metallic frame. We introduced the chromatic accents of green by using plants and gold by plating the bar with brass, which can frequently be found in the design, starting with the spectacular entrance portal, which introduces customers to the wonderful world of the saints.

Project name:The S’aint
Project type: HoReCa
Location: Bucharest
Year: 2021
Alexandru Mihai Popescu – architect, PMAA
Monica Alina Păduraru – artist, Chambres d’Or
Loredana Enache – architect, PMAA
Adina Anghel – architect, former PMAA member
Photo:Loredana Enache – architect, PMAA