We know how important details are and how they bring a great added value to the spaces we design. For this, we try to bring our clients as close as possible to the beauty of art, may it be classical or contemporary; finishing the atmosphere of the spaces we create with works of art – painting, sculpture, object, installation, as well as mosaics or mural painting, being supported in this by artists with whom we collaborate.

Even if we do not collaborate on the area of interior design, but you want art for a space already arranged, or if you want to make someone a special gift, you can tell us what you want and we will do our best to fulfill your wish. You can take a look into our existing portfolio of works, or, if you can’t find something you like at one of the artists we collaborate with, you can order the work you want.

How does it work? You contact us by phone or email (you will find the contact details in the CONTACT section) and tell us what you want, and we will answer you as soon as possible by mail and we will give you an estimate of time and costs for the desired work.

Interior design

Therefor the itinerary we propose is as follows:
1 First we identify the theme of the project – that is, we discuss about functional needs, aesthetic preferences and the level of equipment of the space to be designed, as well as about the budget, offering consultancy in this regard.
Also, at this stage we will make a survey of the space, necessary for the start of the design works.
Having this we can draw the fit-out plan (partition plans) and furnishing plans (2D), supported by atmosphere references.
After their approval, the 3D perspectives will be rendered, i.e., images of the spaces or areas set together with the beneficiary.

2 The second stage – technical project – we draw the technical execution project that includes quoted partitioning plans, coordination plans for thermal, electrical and sanitary installations, plans and sections of ceilings and floors, as well as furniture sketches and stereotomy of finishes.
At this stage we help our clients choose the main objects of décor – thermal and electrical sanitary ware, furniture, curtains, drapes, lighting fixtures, art objects, decorations.

3 In the third stage we assist the implementation of everything that was previously been designed. We offer our clients consultancy in order to choose suppliers for interior or exterior finishes, suppliers or manufacturers of furniture, decoration or sanitary items.
We follow up on the way the project materializes through site visits, providing technical assistance when necessary.
This would be the approach we propose, in order to achieve the interiors that our customers desire.

Events / Installations

Events excite us and arouse our imagination. That is why we have created a series of services for this area of the market. Whether it’s a wedding, a christening, a festival, a fair, an exhibition stand or simply a party, we help our clients to accessorize or model that event entirely.

In the organization process we always find the common denominator between desires and needs, intervening with creative and functional aesthetic solutions. Our involvement can start from the creation of the visual identity, to the creation of the sets and even the production of some decorative elements that are part of the event’s design.